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What we are interested in is the SOUL / PSYCHOLOGICAL BODY. You want ’health’, and that comes from God, The Whole. THERE you want to be connected. As long as you are busy with only ’you’ - you’ve DISCONNECTED yourself. And don’t fool yourself, what you call ’yours’, and ’you’, IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING. An infinitesimal little package, regurgitating its own confusion.

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So there is the ‘Terror of The Situation’ - the self-inflicted agonies, twists and turns, the suffering and sickness, the wars and the misunderstandings - the agony! You’ll see more and more of it. It’s a level of reality which is most important to see. But can you really see it without getting swallowed by it?
The Work has many approaches to this. You can’t just stand there and say ‘Ah, I’ll do it, yeah!’ To see truth there are certain things that help, and certain things you just can’t do, because they put you to sleep.
The Work can best be referred to as ‘Learning how to Learn’. How to get yourself into a clear space where you can ‘see’. It’s not telling that you should do ‘this’, and never do ‘that’! Work says something very simple:
“You can do anything you want, so long as you remember-yourself.”

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taken from: Suicide & After words

It’s been said that souls are ‘dying’ to come into this world! That’s interesting - they’re anxious to come into this world! One could think: ‘Why? Why would they want a body?’ You could speculate that a soul that wants to come into this world has a wide perspective - can see what this world is all about. It’s not a comfortable place to be in - not for anybody! As Gurdjieff pointed out - this is a ‘pain factory’.
The more you see the more you realize how true that is. The black and the white, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, the healthy and the unhealthy - how everyone is suffering! If a disincarnate soul can see with a wider perspective, then they are not coming here to have a good time. They are not going to have a good time! Nobody has a ‘good time’. This is not yet heaven - this is earth!

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Your explanations about yourself are within 
your explanation of everything. It’s all of the 
past  an illusion, a picture, in fact an 
elaborated guess. 

To know it, is to STOP it.

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Generally speaking, people are hardly anything 
more than packages of individual explanations.

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taken from: End of Days

Who is there that is ready to struggle to regain his mind? Each person, with his or her unique qualities and background, has far greater differences in their world picture than they are aware of. We move in a world of interacting illusions. People judge each other as stupid, insensitive, naive, manipulative, immoral, unreliable, and a whole lot of other objectionables - not at all realizing that the object of their criticism is running a completely different movie through their system. This is the basis, the bottom line, the ultimate reality of what is, in fact, 'sleeping/mechanical mankind'.

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How are things likely to develop? It seems that bionic-society still needs human beings with some kind of hope. Or has it already reached the point where any kind of normal human qualities are no longer needed?

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taken from: Survival

Gurdjieff commented that, it takes a certain degree of normalcy in society to be able to ’work’. It’s not hard to understand - when the energy gets really psychopathic it’s hard to learn anything useful.

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taken from: How to Get Out

God, so much talk in the media and in the streets about the NOW that we are just about sick with the word. The Now Generation is talked about, all the Be Now Books of the Drug and Eastern Philosophy sources overflow.
Be Now, Be Now, 
Be Now, Be Now 
enough to make you sick!
The very words have been sucked dry - over exposure, as the politicians would say.
Now, NOW has gone down the drain right along with words like Love or God or Truthfulness - overuse - mumbo- jumbo

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First of all your suffering is the result, up to now, not of ‘how you have taken things’ but simply the matter of fact that you have taken in so much.
It has all been a random collection of confused and crooked impressions, fed into the world by the total accumulation of distorted men, throughout the ages.
It’s a curse at one level and a potentially immense gift at another. The more ‘shit’ the better fertilizer, nutrition for the seeds of truth deep within your Soul.

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