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taken from: Reason to Live

’Work’ is a little like someone in a boat. They’re in the middle of the ocean or the middle of a lake, whatever, and there’s a small hole in the bottom of the boat, the boat is slowly filling with water - and they don’t know how to swim! So what do they do? As the water rises in the boat they get down on the floor - and practice how to swim. Yeah.

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taken from: Reason to Live

The Work, in a way, is like ’avoiding the avoidance’. If your focus is on remembering yourself, in watching, in self-knowledge, self-study: to know what the mind, the heart, the body is doing. If you’re focused on ’seeing’ then you become ever less compulsively attached to the results of what’s happening. Being more objective to it you see more, because you don’t care so much - you care if it knocks you off your horse! The Work talks about: ’bringing awareness up to the level of incoming impressions’. It’s a considerable process, it’s completely different from the ’normal’ way we relate to life - more pleasure less pain, more pleasure less pain, am I getting, getting, getting, am I losing, losing, losing!

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taken from: Priorities

The Work is the ’Way of Understanding’! This house might assist you in that effort. Where you would habitually react or turn your back and move away, here you have the opportunity, and necessity, to face up to all kinds of things.
What is the issue? Knowing who and what ‘I am’, no? That’s a real piece of work and requires conscious effort. It will not happen by itself - experience must be awared consciously!


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taken from: Danger!

Behind Observing I - is Real I.
And, behind Real I - is Master.
And, behind Master - is God.
All these truths are clearly defined in the Work and not left hanging in the air like most of the esoteric fragments that are drifting around the world these days - vague religious, hippie or drug induced concepts of ’God’. It seems like everybody likes talking about God! The Work is very practical - maybe you can remember that.

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taken from: Love/Pain

Look, you are either a ’thankful something’, or a nervous something! So many people are not thankful for anything, they feel cheated by everything. If there is something that you are really thankful for, it would be most useful for you, to remember! ’Thankful’ should be for something, that has value, something functional. See what you value, identify it, and use it!

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taken from: How to Get Out

Religions and Teachings are not the imaginings of fools and idiots. We must find one that 'talks to us', whose language and tone we can relate to - and we must study and work within its framework. They are in existence to point the way to a possible SANE LIFE and SUCCESSFUL DEATH!

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taken from: End of Days

Symbols are meant to express an essential truth which is obscured by the ever shifting 'realities' of sense-based-perception. Religious symbols and ceremonies, taken superficially, are at best madness and at worst dereliction of responsibility.

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taken from: Suicide & After words

People hear that something is ‘bad’ - not only bad but the worst - like to kill yourself. But, an overblown ego that can not be the ’best’, would gladly be the ‘worst’. They don’t give a shit. The worst sounds like somebody else’s opinion, or bad for somebody else. It doesn’t occur to them that it’s bad for themselves! God, it seems, says it’s bad if they take their own life - and they say ’fuck god’. But they’re really fucking themselves!

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Yes, suggestibility and imitation. 'No guard at the door'! A person should have a guard at the door - to know everything that comes in and everything that goes out. People are full of ideas and, for the most part, have no idea where they all came in from. Generally it all groups itself together in a shifting variety of habits - the 'thinking' totally mechanical, the emotions in turmoil. Very unsatisfactory.

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taken from: Attention - God

Oh, I know what you want - that’s the funny thing. You want exactly what everybody wants - you want to stop suffering. If you were really honest with yourself you would realize that that is just about it. All else, that you think you want is merely part of that struggle, not to suffer.
If you were to fully understand that you would never again argue with another person. It would be clear to you that that is the one thing that everyone is doing - trying not to suffer. Neither you nor they are being overly successful, and you ended off blaming each other! There’s no mind in that. You can only begin to be rational when you realize that everyone is frantically struggling to keep balance, just as you are. If you want someone to ’kiss your ass’ within that truth, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

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