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To be ’committed to the Work’, really, requires a sense of haolam haba. How does one get a sense of that? Only then, when they really see the uselessness of their worry, their holding, their compulsive identifications. The total illusion in it, the pathetic childishness of it all. When you really see that, and can’t identify with it any more, then you are left with SOMETHING ELSE. Sometimes it’s called God, sometimes Love. It’s that level where FEAR HAS NO PLACE!

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So, in Work, we progressively let go of attachments in life. Some elements drift away, some remain, but we insist on holding nothing. We know the limits of life and its temporariness. What difference does it make what we manage to have and to hold? As St. Paul says, 'If it were ONLY for this life that we work and suffer, we of all men are most to be pitied.'

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The Work is very practical. It’s a full time job. Yes, at the risk of having no food, no house, no heating, no money. You’re going to lose all of that anyways. But if you are really in a proper state, a normal state, you are not going to starve or sleep outside. You don’t realize that? You still want your ’own’ ? Your own this, and your own that? Well, I’m not so sure how serious THAT is!

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The Work of today is the same Work as always, but in the language and circumstances of today. It incorporates the same principles - a program for evolution. Its meaning is in an area completely different from the things usually considered. An 'unknown' area, actually - dealing with the 'next world'. Though it's unknown it can be smelt, touched or intuited at times. But it is, for the most part, unknown. So, how do you talk about the unknown?

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It's the place that sustains the Work, now. There's no 'credit' in the Work. Yesterday is gone - the issue is always what is going on now

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WORK is wide, not only deep. When you take aim at something through a gun-sight, you position your target in the 'cross-lines' : the horizontal line and the vertical line. The TARGET must be right where those two lines intersect. The Sign of the Cross, exactly : the Line of Time, and the Line of Eternity. One should always be aware where those lines meet.

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The Work replaced the past, takes the place of the present, and indicates the future. 
The Work constitutes a cleansing agent. All molecular, atomic and sub-atomic elements are, or may be, known. But the fact that the 'solution' works is the criterion, and the exclusive concern.

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There is a very important statement in the Work that is so large that no one even thinks about it, hardly. And that is:
The only thing that can really be called thinking, is thinking from an idea.”
It’s referring to a Work Idea! It is connected with the notion of ‘the difference between looking at life through the eyes of the Work rather than looking at the Work through the eyes of life’. When you catch that difference, you can make much clearer efforts.

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When you look at an issue more deeply, you are using more of your intelligence. Yeah - you’re doing the best that you know at the moment - you can never know, for sure, what the results will be!
The Work says: ’Don’t work for results, work for the sake of the Work.’

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The Work is not just a lot more words thrown at this ’generalized issue’ called the ’spiritual’. It has very specific intentions and is very ’tight’ in covering the dangers and known pit-falls. It’s deceptively simple - because it’s talking Truth. One of the signs of hearing the Truth, is that when you hear it you have the feeling that you always knew it! That’s a good thing to recognize - but it’s also a good thing to watch that you don’t go to sleep in! The Truth is very simple - but staying with it is not simple! We’ve been conditioned in a totally other direction.
It takes something totally comprehensive to cut through the cold reality of the ’normal’ level we’re living at. I’ve had this image in the past: the ’Work’ being like an ice-cutter that’s used in the Arctic. They break a path through the thick ice - a V shaped-plow in the front of the boat! It is engineered in such a way that no matter where the ice hits, it cuts through. It doesn’t collapse if something, say, hits from the side. Whatever the conditions, it can break-through! And that’s how precise the Work is - it can ’cut through’ under all and any circumstances.
It has been said that the people who can work are the people who have ’magnetic center’. You’ve heard about that. Magnetic center is indicated by ’something’ in you that recognizes ’B’ influences - that which originates from a HIGHER LEVEL.
When people meet the Work - it takes over from magnetic center!

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