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taken from: How to Get Out

Do you really believe that you can change, affect the future? Now mind you, this is exactly what the time mind presupposes! That is why it is busy telling other people that they should or must do this or that or that they should not or must not do this or the next thing. The time mind that watches the politicians with their plans, and attempts to forecast the personal implications - how it will affect their future. The time mind that wishes to educate the children for one or another result in the future etc., etc. ad infinitum! The time mind says you had better 'adjust' those things and people around you in order to suit your picture of what you would like the future to be. Do you really still think you can affect and change the future?

Well, your push or pull mixed in along with everybody else's push or pull will no doubt combine to affect some aspects in the social reality - do you really expect to be the 'prime mover' of the future? This IS the illusion of the time mind, it functions only on this basis - it sucks us dry with its essential madness and illusion and violence.

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taken from: End of Days

In the absence of directed and focused attention, the average mind is predisposed to constant thinking about 'every which thing' - a constant burning-up of energy, as well as the leaking of energy due to the emotional frustration caused by the inconclusiveness of the various thoughts. People think and think and think, without end. It’s all a projection in Time.

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taken from: End of Days

Our sense of separateness is the result of our usual 'level of mind', accurately labelled as the 'sense-based-mind'. This first level of the mind utilizes data that was recorded through the five senses.

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taken from: Respond Ability

And that's where the 'religious mind' comes in. A basically religious person has a natural sense that we're living in a TOTALITY which is GOOD. In ITS terms, not necessarily ours.

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taken from: End of Days

We have a real basic and for the most part unconscious habit! Whenever we think in terms of making things better we think in terms of the future. Our thinking is always geared to plans of action of a consecutive, sequential nature - we shall 'do this and then that' so that things will be better later on - in the 'future' ! That's the way our minds work habitually - that's the way we've been trained - and that must CHANGE! We must come to realize that the change that we want and Need has to do with NOW!

Now is the moment to be acted on - the only moment that there is, constantly recurring, constantly current, always now and here. Our minds, after seeing the truth and the simple logic in the situation must make a complete change. From always and habitually functioning in the pattern of past/present/future in an attempt to fulfill its desires it must now start to function in a total dedication to the present, the NOW. It has seen some of the imagination inevitably resulting from the 'time mind' and understands the necessity of moving behind this picture world, separating from it, to the peace and energy flowing NOW through ‘good conscience’ emotions and relaxed body.

The mind must now start to work for the now, through the now and from the now.

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taken from: End of Days

'Good deeds' force a person out of their usual patterns of, as if, 'self-interest', which are essentially based in fear and objective ignorance. Ignorance, in this most essential sense, is what is 'thought to be known'.
Good deeds, totally free of expectation, remove one from habitual patterns. With the support of positive emotions, replacing the usual fear and anxiety, one has the beginning development of a 'new mind', that in potential is infinitely expansive, objective and increasingly free from the prison of restrictive egoistic boundaries

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taken from: End of Days

The motivation of the 'usual mind' is most essentially based on fear and the need for protection relative to the future. It functions in fear of Time.

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taken from: End of Days

"The only true meditation", as Krishnamurti clearly points out, "is when the mind comes to understand itself, and stops."

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The strange thing about 'ignorance' is that, in fact, it's not what you don't know - it's what you think you know. Actually we don't really think - it's all taken for granted. The mind without structure produces only random associations - useless suffering is inevitable at that level. In order to rectify the situation you need a Way, you need Knowledge. All this business is not for social adjustment. It's Work, to get out of prison. It's truly revolutionary!

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taken from: Suicide & After words

When you try to observe the mind, you tend to get identified with the thoughts. We think we are the thoughts! Until there’s a certain degree of ‘separation’ we can’t really observe the thinking process because we’re so identified - we think it’s ‘us’.

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