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taken from: End of Days

What else is there other than this manipulated world of man-made-time? The Hope lies in the Truth that is uncovered when the lies and distortions are seen/dissolved/dis-integrated.

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Truthfulness in word, thought and deed would clear up the whole personal mess that keeps us in hell rather than heaven. The way is strengthening though painful. The payment is sacrificing false pride and vanity. There's a lot more to it and a lot more fun. As the Chinese proverb goes: 'The longest journey starts under your own feet.'

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Don’t resent the ’not knowing’, the ’eeh’ in it, the pain! If you are going to move from where you are, you will have to be able to live truthfully in the ’I don’t know’, and with the changing feelings and thoughts.

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taken from: Reason to Live

Trying to understanding the truth of matters. What ’Is’! Whatever it means to ’understand’, there’s nothing higher, nothing more human, nothing more intelligent. To know the ’Is’. That requires a certain sense of trust, of love, of remembering one’s deepest wish. The bottom line is integrity. Integrity - something integrated! Something aiming to be singularly clear!

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

If you have affection for the Truth, even when it’s not ’complementary’, then you can have real relationships with others who share that passion.
Who is there to help who? At the level that we’re aiming for, there is a Unity - so, in fact, the only one you can help, is yourself. YourSelf is a lot larger than you imagine - it’s everything! What a preposterous statement, eh?

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taken from: End of Days

Talk the truth, within the limits of your own truthful experience. Forget about the words 'religion' and 'god'.

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taken from: Decision to work

“Truth says - love me or leave me!”
It’s not enough to want the truth! If you just want the truth and you come across a truth that is not complementary, you ‘don’t want it anymore’! It’s not enough to want the truth - you’ve got to love the truth. That indicates a person who has a taste for the ‘is’ of things.
If you don’t love the Truth then you’re in the wrong business!

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The Work is not just a lot more words thrown at this ’generalized issue’ called the ’spiritual’. It has very specific intentions and is very ’tight’ in covering the dangers and known pit-falls. It’s deceptively simple - because it’s talking Truth. One of the signs of hearing the Truth, is that when you hear it you have the feeling that you always knew it! That’s a good thing to recognize - but it’s also a good thing to watch that you don’t go to sleep in! The Truth is very simple - but staying with it is not simple! We’ve been conditioned in a totally other direction.

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taken from: End of Days

All wants are for after, next, in the future. Tomorrow, two minutes from now, ten years hence, it's all the same. Only with what is present NOW is it possible to be in touch with and to understand. 'After' is little more than a guess, at best.
People LIVE in their picture of the future and what it might bring. 
They WANT the 'best' - and this keeps the whole stupid thing going 'till the end of time'.

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taken from: End of Days

Time, it has been said, is 'The Unique Subjective'. Unique, in that it exists only and exclusively in the mind of the one who conceives it and Subjective, as it is wholly made-up of pictures and notions selected from a vast range of possible impressions.
Time - that vague and cloudy sense of reality as it moves through past, present and projected future is, in fact, partial and selective and shifting memory projecting fearful or hopeful imagined possibilities.

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