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Humanity, at a certain point, ’went wrong’? It’s like what’s in the Bible. All the stories - every human being goes through the same things again and again. The Israelites leaving ’Egypt’ with all its goodies, even though they were slaves. Inside every person there’s a Moses and a Pharaoh. Pharaoh dominates in Egypt. You’ve got to listen to Moses to get out. That’s the higher part of yourself. Finally they agreed to leave, but when they’re out they start complaining - they wanted to go back! They’re in the desert, they have to pass through the desert. You don’t go directly from hell to heaven, you have to stop first. ’Hell’ is going backwards, ’Heaven’ is going front-wards. In order to stop going backwards so that you can move front-wards you have to stop first. That ’stop’ is the desert. You have to stop playing. You have to Be. Before you can move in the right direction you have to BE. And they started to complain. They wanted to go back!

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There is always an ’I’ and ’them’ or, at best, an ’us’ and ’them’. Struggle and competition is the name of the game. The usual Why of life is, take care of your own interests.

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God wishes to save this world and clearly sees the line of destruction that it is on. What is equally clear is that mankind is the cause of the impending disaster and that only mankind is able to save the situation. What is required is a total reversal/revolution.

Mankind is made up of individual men. Individual men are needed, indeed obliged, if the capacity is there, to affect a complete reversal, a total personal revolution - an ultimate shift of perspective and motivation. Not all men, but for those capable it is a must, both for the sake of their eternal soul and for the sake of the creation itself.

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(I want to know where I stand... relative to what I think is important... as close as I can get... because if I can’t do that... I really can’t take myself seriously. I want to get closer to that! Fuck the problems... maybe all my problems are due to the fact that I didn’t know what’s really important to me... and if I don’t know... then everything I bump into in the world has little relevance!)
You might find out that all your problems were, in fact, because you weren’t doing shit with the energy that you have - because you were not clear about what was important to you. You were drifting. All your problems were because you were drifting!
A human being can actually ask such questions. Even if your answer is ’I don’t know’ - you’ve already got a certain kind ofstability in that place. It’s called humility!
Stability in humility.


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