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”Man lives in the illusion that he can do.”
Everyone says ‘yeah’, but they can only see up to their own level of experiencing. You can observe how, when you want to do something, and then you go to do it, but you don’t do it! Or, you decide something the night before, and you get up in the morning and even the thought of it is gone. Or, you say you’ll never do something again and the next time you bump into a similar situation, you do the exact same thing. So you begin to see the gap between your intentions and your action. This is, maybe, the most obvious level of ‘man cannot do’.
Again, in the Work it is said:

“All real doing is indirect.”

At the mechanical level, ‘it’ does. You can, more or less, understand that. But Work Ideas have a density of meaning - even if they also stand-up simply as common sense.

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