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The Work is not just a lot more words thrown at this ’generalized issue’ called the ’spiritual’. It has very specific intentions and is very ’tight’ in covering the dangers and known pit-falls. It’s deceptively simple - because it’s talking Truth. One of the signs of hearing the Truth, is that when you hear it you have the feeling that you always knew it! That’s a good thing to recognize - but it’s also a good thing to watch that you don’t go to sleep in! The Truth is very simple - but staying with it is not simple! We’ve been conditioned in a totally other direction.
It takes something totally comprehensive to cut through the cold reality of the ’normal’ level we’re living at. I’ve had this image in the past: the ’Work’ being like an ice-cutter that’s used in the Arctic. They break a path through the thick ice - a V shaped-plow in the front of the boat! It is engineered in such a way that no matter where the ice hits, it cuts through. It doesn’t collapse if something, say, hits from the side. Whatever the conditions, it can break-through! And that’s how precise the Work is - it can ’cut through’ under all and any circumstances.
It has been said that the people who can work are the people who have ’magnetic center’. You’ve heard about that. Magnetic center is indicated by ’something’ in you that recognizes ’B’ influences - that which originates from a HIGHER LEVEL.
When people meet the Work - it takes over from magnetic center!

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