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Can we come closer to an understanding of just what Attention is? There is an aspect of focus in it - out of a number of possibilities, out of a number of concurring happenings in the outer or inner world of a man, it seems that he can focus his attention either here or there, close or at a distance, on his sex or on his mind, on the future or on the past, on his anger or on his love. Where is the 'seat' of this attention? It appears that the seat of this attention is in what we call a man's consciousness/awareness and that this consciousness/awareness is something that stands BEHIND all other realities/functions that a man is able to perceive or cognize - that is, this consciousness/awareness is behind, more basic, more essential, more REAL than any of his functions such as his thinking, feeling or sensing.

Our attention is a certain focus of our consciousness - it can WATCH our body and sense it, it can WATCH our emotions and feel them, it can WATCH our thoughts and know them, it can WATCH the interaction of all these functions and 'stand behind them'. Our Real Self is part and parcel of this consciousness/awareness and not the ‘picture’ of ourself, framed by our picture of the world as presented to us by our mind with it's particular / peculiar / subjective / imaginary / partial / frightened / defensive / closed pseudo-personality.

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