New Adult Tarot

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the appearance of assurance
in a battered leaky boat
the waves approach
they're ten feet tall
an inner voice says
ain't nothing at all
but water !

Don't wilt
in the light
of the Truth

I AM the prayer bead and I AM the string
I AM the honey and I AM the sting
I AM the church bell and I AM the ring
I AM the knowledge and I AM the being
I AM  the song , it is I that do sing
the finger that points
and the bloody gold ring
I AM the sinner and I AM the sin
I AM the prize
and the one who does win

i've heard the crow
it seems i must go
let no one mourn
i've seen the show
the purpose it seems
is to see the dreams
and to go out clean !

the girls it's true
they dress to show
all the things i wish to know
once more again although i've seen
a thousand times within my dreams
but now this flesh is real, moist
it's at this point i have no choice
to touch and taste
to have and hold
to make a move so very bold
who can resist this energy
i want to do it more than pee !

it's not this way
and it's not that way too
so where you gonna go
and what are you gonna do
if you cannot find someone
to share your fantasy
who you gonna talk to
who you gonna be !


you'd better learn to live at home
and share your space with those that roam
as you do when you wish to see
if you can find a place to be
with friends
not looking for a ride
but just a quiet place to hide
from those that take them foolishly
that sap their strength incessantly
and leave them little space to breathe
they come to you for some relief
you'd better learn to live at home
and share your space with those that roam
for those that come for reasons true
never any harm will do
but share a space and help it grow
and not impose their own floorshow

don't look like
you've been looking
you've been looking for
a safe train on
a package tour

the advice of the masses
the advice of the wise
the suspicious bank teller
the most hopeful bride
the thought of tomorrow
the impending storm
the drunk on your door step
the babies being born
i'll tell you my children
it's not very clear
why we're born in the first place
why it's so hard to hear
the voice of eternity
as it tries to break through
with its wisdom and patience
christian moslem or jew

the truth you want
to speak so much
is just a lot of silly mush
it's really not the truth
you see
just pointing out some falsity
so we keep busy with our minds
rehashing things another time
not realising a bit
the shit, no matter how
it's shook
will never take us
where we look
for clarity and peace of mind
restricted not by
sense-bound time
'oh ho' you say
'what big words used'
i say to you
'baby needs shoes'
you say
'alright, indeed why not
i think it's leather that
you've got'

in  the belly of the devil
as  the vomit of a spy
as  jonah in the whale
as  the catcher in the rye
as  the nubian guard of arabian sheikhs
as  the babylon whore separating her cheeks
as  the king's tax collector
as  the pimp on his beat
as  the greedy dog catcher
as  the bitches in heat
as  the guard in the jail house
as  a cop on the take
for country or family
we'll outdo the snake !

what man asks from man
essentially only god can give
god can only give it
if man cleans up his act !

i see a lot of shipwrecks
hanging from a cliff
i see a lot of shipwrecks
listing in the mist
i see the tide go to and fro
i see the waves
that roll and grow
i see the  waters dance
those ships
they hardly had a chance !

now you children
get you out
of the city
from the gout
struggle in
get to know
your brother quick
take it easy
day by day
learn to think
and learn to pray
the mad men
run society
no time to argue
time to flee

the lord has blessed me
in his way
the truth is shown
as they say
he showed me death
which leaves me free
to live in his

yes yes, ho ho,
like santa claus
like saville row
stick with us and we'll take care
of all your needs, from here to there !

tell me what your picture's like
of life, of company
tell me what your picture's like
at breakfast, evening tea
tell me what your picture's like
of business, family
tell me what your picture's like
tell me what you see !

on the way to nowhere
through the gates of hell
through the lovely pictures
in a prison cell
mothers teach their children
how to read and spell
hardly any prison breaks
only yell, yell, yell
in HELL !

life on earth
is a punishment
you have to
buy a ticket out
you have to
learn something !

when there is no day, no night
when there is no greed no fright
when the hand has opened wide
when there is no more false pride
when the pain has entered deep
burning out the dreams, the sleep 
welcomed as a force so bold
changing all it touched to gold

once you've got your money
and all that it had bought
once you've got your will made out
once you've got your plot
no doubt by then you're 'well along
in years'  i think it's said
and surely ain't got no complaints
as was you that made your bed
but what of all the others
with their bankers brokers too
do you think by any chance
they're contented just like you ?

who is you
who is me
and if it's true
that we are one
then how come
we talk together like two
like me and you
for as it seems
is that part of dreams
that one asks
and someone else replies ?



i've come from a war zone
there's fighting going on
the children's lives are on the line
the blood's upon the ground
the people, stuck in dreamland
with all the glory, pride
they cannot move
they cannot think
and scared like hell to die !

they said it wasn't possible
for the lord to speak his mind
they thought that it was crazy
to say man's eyes were blind
to say his ears were deaf
an insult to his being
the last thought they
could tolerate
was the thought
that they'd been seen


White man
talk with
forked tong

how good i am
how clean and pure
it's all the others
i am sure
who by their force and ignorance
cause me all this pain i sense
since i've heard of higher things
it's clear to me from what i've seen
if everyone could only be
as good as me
if they could see
then all would surely be alright
a peace could reign the world would light
if only they could learn to hear
how good i am how much i bear
now i just can't communicate
they're all so strange there's so much hate
and what an awful thing would be
were this the way that they see me  !

the question's always
where you're going
never where you are
the question's always
will you love me
should you travel far
those questions always
pose themselves
as if there's answers clear
that subtle error no one sees
blocks out the now & here

don't fight your fears or speculate
on how to dodge jealousy and hate
but try for once to visualise
the life of him that you despise
the truth that there can nothing be
outside yourself that you can see
that doesn't rest within your being
this so called outer thing you've seen
so if you know your brother well
you've seen yourself within his shell
and by this act eliminate
all the painful hurt and hate

even you that study
you who say you work
remember your aim
and that you are
yet to attain it
even now
and until then
you are
violent man !


what's my motivation 


what's my state of mind 


how to see the future 


recognise your kind

i've seen big hearts
so big in fact
it's hard to take
as not an act
when they jump their hurdles quick
you're happy to survive the kick
but have you ever seen them run
into a wall, it's not much fun
the rider on the ground so stunned
he can't recall how it begun
so those with hearts like giant balloons
best check the wind and check the moon
secure the right to navigate
stay on course the time is late !

sincerity, sincerity
hath thou forsaken me
that i am blind
and cannot see
the simple truth
that dwells in me
they taught me
how to dodge and lie
to hide my feelings by and by
and now it's reached
that awful point
where i no longer know
what's right
it seems i've lost my faculty
of knowing my sincerity !

patience and perseverance
you must push on
with patience
whayever that
might mean
you must have patience
but nit forget
the truth
you once had seen !

the haemorrhoid of humanity
hanging from a slit
the haemorrhoid of humanity
bleeding in the shit
the haemorrhoid of humanity
crying in its pain
expanding in self pity
embarrassed with its stain

I will not talk
I will not lie

i've had enough my friend
Good-Bye !

my work is not dependent on
another word another song
it all depends on where i rest
within my soul within my breast
so get thee from me with your claims
for our support in your small aims
though if you're heading for the top
i'll walk with you and i'll not stop
to dally in the daffodils
to praise the sky
or praise the hills
or drip some blood
' cause here and there
a cloud descends
from god knows where !





before you consider

next step

be sure

you stand balanced

where you are !

you know it's really not the same
to walk in sunshine walk in rain
a heart of gold a heart of ice
a gesture or something right
and should you ask me what i see
i say come back when you can be
within your body and your heart
and not merely being smart
there i can talk to you or show
a little bit of what i know
and if by chance
you wish to take
remember -
you must be awake !

things do not
move along in life
merely shake !

once you've thought of afterwards
or the place that you have been
once you've thought of who'll be there
or who you might have seen
once you've thought of who said what
and who'll be next to scream
once you've seen imagination's 
not the same
as being


in heaven
there ain't no jews
there ain't no christians too
no moslems buddhists hindus sikhs
there could be me and you
even that is doubtful
as god is one in us
when we reach his resting place
there's only him
just just !

you're analysing everyone
know just what they should do
best see that you're first grounded
and happy you're just you !

it seems sometimes you'll always be
a little girl that i can see
afloat within a fantasy
with little men who look like me
behind the changing pictures, mood
deeper than the parts that brood
farther than the emerald sea 
in essence

where the you and me
dissolve into a unity
where i am you
and you are me

the boys they give me  a-tten-tion
when they say stay i want to come
although my super-ego says best run
it seems we know this son of a gun
'cause though i tingle and i blush
a bit confused with this hot rush
there's something in me that can see
i'll soon be back upon my knees
well it's alright not bad in fact
this waiting for another smack
that's sure to come were he to see
the place my lips next wish to be !

the mind is but a third of us
our heart our body is the rest
just to use that little part
however shrewd however smart
neglects the total creation
distorts the view negates the one
knows not the father not the son
it's true this seems an abstract thought
could lead to somewhere
could lead to naught
however limited our mind
however changing lost in time
but once again you're told to be
attentive to your heart body
not obsessed with outer change
know your body heart n' brains
have patience to review the lot
don't get lost in outer plots
find your way to what rings true
get to know me as i know you !

essence mixed with personality
eventually and inevitably adds up
to a sentimental fraud
or a terrorist
or a combination
of the two

are you a christian
is there love in your heart
are you a christian
or just talking smart
are you a moslem
know allah the one
or just playing mind games
just having some fun
are you a jew
are you
are you
oh my god my dear man
i'm no other than you !

we guessed how it was
then we checked
and it's true
the american dream
has dissolved
boo hoo hoo
we're left with blank check books
with pavement and glass
with kids we can't speak to
with cars without gas
oh my god   oh my god
what has happened to us
where were we running
why all the fuss
we guessed how it was
then we checked
and it's true
the american dream
has dissolved boo hoo hoo

love is hiding
in disguise
covered up
with hate despise
if you can take it
and distill
the rubbish
from material
you've done your work
extremely well
you've bought your ticket
out of hell !

ask your son's forgiveness
ask it once again
ask your son's forgiveness
ask it for your sins
ask your son's forgiveness
for the violence
ask your son's forgiveness
discover love again through him
oh dear how we were so asleep
how our anger did arise
how the violence of society
did blind us in the eyes
how the pressure of the daily cares
did squeeze us here and there
how our love turned into anguish
though in fact we really care

it's all still going on
an endless view
an endless song

if you fold life over
enough times
it will
disappear !