Idiot cards

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ground somewhat damp 

leaves on the ground 

trees like a forest 

hardly a sound


the smell of damp bark

and sweetness of moss

the twitter of birds

and the call of a frog


the end of horizon

the sun breaking through

shedding curtains of light 

through life's very milieu


every man who 

carries a gun 

believes he does so

for a good reason




the soul of each man 

demands respect

the man with a gun

can insist upon it !


we saw the dreams

turn into nightmares

we saw the hope

turn into fear

we saw the children

turn into zombies

we saw the joy

turn into tears


the obvious is

not so


each person living

in his own


some elements shared

some disputed

by others

dreams changing

not realizing

their relativity

and that

he stands

behind it all


she saw a lot

but not enough


closed her eyes

to the fire

and only

smoked a puff



i am a cavalryman's daughter 

he rode to battle

 one last time


 i am a cavalryman's daughter 

everything i see 

i think is mine



what am i to do today

to do


what am i to say today

to who


who can take a fraction of

the energy they all call love


who'll sacrifice time for

what is new





tell me something of yourself please do 

and if it's interesting and true

i'll know it from your tone and looks 

it's not the same as words from books 

or something you're repeating now 

you've heard from 

god knows where or how


we feel the difference very sharp

of what is yours and what is not

and it doesn't have to be profound 

truthfulness is always sound 

it warms our soul it gives us food

an honest man an honest mood


so here i am and there you are 

two simple people in a bar 

sip our drinks - communicate 

another life another fate


so happy once again to see 

a man who knows that he'll be free 

to see the world with all its shit 

and yet not be caught in it


what is left to say

pray tell


you've turned and twisted

down in hell


so let the mind



and rise above

its bitter taste


to gentle breeze

and warming sun


where one is all

and all is one



don't be afraid to be alone

it's needed sometimes for the tone


we start in nothingness where we're shown 

the bigger picture of all that's known 

and then we try to set a course 

encounter difficulties without remorse


don't be afraid to be alone

it's there we find our passive tone

to ring it strong to ring it deep 

the base to penetrate our sleep



pain is the 




functions  in  time

the  fullness  of  patience

is  the  end  of  time



if you pray to god  god  god 

remember for god's sake 

your neighbour 

whom you love or not 

is also part of the cake


if god created you my friend 

although you're hard to see 

as strange and awkward it may seem

he too created me !





it's your world it's your world

it's not the same for me


it's your world it's your world

it's just the way you see


it's your world it's your world

it's not the same for him


it's your world it's your world

the only place you'll win


it's your world it's your world 

best do your best within 


it's your world it's your world 

it's your world it's your world




what a deathly lie it was

for those with eyes to see


what a deathly lie it was

this great society





within the cells 

within the genes

is the life force 

that's so clean


it's never touched

by nature's rush

it's us

it cares not

for the crutch

and not much

for that rush



the wisdom of life

is how to be careful


the wisdom of the work

is how to be purposeful





 is your 


of getting what you



that which we use 

to block out the devil 

we use to

block out god !


he is not there

for himself



that is surrender

and acceptance

in fact





is not  conscious


it  is  nothing 


but  a  gestalt 




collective  conditioning



we are married 

to love


we are married 

to fear


(serve one or the other!)


new book -


'my ugly friends'




goodness is

just a trick

so you can stop 

from getting sick

for if you know 

the people's pain 

which often looks 

so very vain 

you see

that just below it rests 

our common home 

the best of bests !





life's small circles 

drifting on 

creating illusion of 

one line of time


all repeating 

lost in reverse 

feeding the moon

hand in the purse



two, four, six, eight

come on all let's meditate


take a rest from

ego trips

feel your toesies

and your wrists


sink yourself

within a chair

pretend you have

not got one care


find yourself

the energy


you'll need it

to be free !





we  work and save 

as money melts 

it seems so brave 

you want to shout


the freedom from financial stress 

is what it's all about we guess 

we see those flashy millionaires 

on t.v. sets with all their airs 

that's evidence we think 

they look so happy, in the pink


so happiness is what it's for 

but no one tells you anymore 

to love your neighbour, everyone 

just guard your money with a gun


t.v. is not like real life 

for sure the bible's closer 

death's just around the corner friend 

put that gun back in its holster



nothing broken

beyond repair


just a little rusty

here and there



before you can rightfully ask

what to do

you must locate yourself


until then 

there is no one there 

to do - anything


must first learn

the difference

between yourself 


your false selves


clearly !



go go baby 

do your thing 

whatever you do 

whatever it will bring




the difference

between :



1)   -   i  understand


2)  -   i  agree


3)  -   i  will do


low as low as low can be 

hardly one drop 

of energy


close as close as close to death 

as anyone could 

ever be


body shakes and head is dull 

all people like an anchor be 

around my neck 

in dirty sea 

pulling pulling pulling me


we've been here before and did survive 

through god's will god knows why 

but this time

where is there to go

we've seen enough of life to know


what are you asking ?

(it is what drives you!)


you ask but do not

listen (hear)


you do not hear because 

you have not recognized 

your own question !

It's not our falth
that lacks in strength
but eyes that see
the light that's bent
and ears that pick
that which is already 


sheik hassan

a grand old man

takes on children 

by the hand


to hell they say 

with what you do 

you're mad we see 

you know that's true


to god belongs

another logic

emotions force

that brings the profit


not to do with

time or space

but distant wall

that blocks out grace





why should we send our friends 

to sleep 

with little pecks upon the cheek 

with fond caresses

and what seems 

a little fuel for their dreams


we're told that it's so very nice 

and if we don't we're cold as ice

as they might have to speculate 

upon their fear upon their hate


so we go on just as we should 

within a script of hollywood

and with limp body by our side

pretending it's not suicide


leave the mind another day 

when we will think and even pray

to know the fullness of our joy 

dependent not on girl or boy


hey hey Mr. Herzel 

see what you've 

gone and done


the girlies sell their bodies

the soldiers sell their guns


only hints are given 

for the 

pure of heart 

to see


we do this work 

and write the words 

for the most part 



as egos jump 

to catch a phrase

and find themselves

a little dazed


as one word 

cancels out the next 

a wall is sensed 

within the text


so how to fly 

when caught within

the spider web 

the mind does spin


to find that real i 

that's us 

in open spaces 

cleared of brush


where no word

twisted turned or bent 

can touch us

in the place we've went


when you say

that you want god 

or peace or truth or justice 

you're coming from an idea 

a selection from the suchness


the suchness of the total 

the suchness of the all 

the suchness of vibrations 

the suchness of the call


a word is just a word you see 

if the word be god or vanity

word is just a word you see

picture frame for fantasy     




your way is one way 

his way is a second way 

there are many third ways

there is but one fourth way


understanding    is 'seeing' what is

                under    the surface

                               and what it

              stands    on - - as far

                               back as you can

                               go - - (i.e. the

                               assumption behind the



on the ephemeral level there is

no possible understanding of why 

or even what a person is doing. 

it is the sum total of desires,

inclinations and extraneous forces

acting at a point in time and space


a lad, a lad, a lad

in knickers

a lad, a lad in

tight white slacks


a lad, a lad, a lad 

who snickers 


how can a lad like that 

make me so sad



you'll be surprised to know

that god

isn't sentimental 

at all


  no shit  !


the high wire

is fastened


on one end

pure love


at the other end

pure contempt


guilt is a symptom

of people who

still live under

the illusion

that they

can do !


anyone for

god, good




as bombs are dropped on people

folks, just like you and me

our mothers tell the children 

to brush their teeth and pee 

before they go to bed at night

and bother nobody

in just a few short years you see 

a soldier they can be


not later

not with someone else 

not some other place 

not outside yourself






when it's always friday, friday 

when the moon is always new 

when you're always very happy 

same time always feeling blue 

when your friend is always coming 

when he's always leaving too 

when you see a real christian 

must understand a real jew 

seeing a moslem as his brother 

at the same time a hindu


when the sun is always rising 

night time rushing to meet you



we get to hear his story 

and how his thinking works 

we get to know this person 

not less than those from books


we hear those things consistent 

the contradictions too 

we try to be as patient 

as we  would with me or you


a man a man in real life

a man like you and me

a man a man in real life


not just some fine story !


i asked the lord

just where to go

with whom to be



he said

with me my son 

with what will be 

we'll tread the wheel 

and move the sea

in heaven's name

just you and me 

so all that have 

the eyes to see 

will get a taste 

of unity



how do you drop your fear 

they say 

they say it must be done 

each day

each hour  minute  sec 

it seems 

must flush it

from the world of dreams


but what about tomorrow 

as demands are sure to come 

and what about the children 

and old age we're running from

who can deny necessity

for the basics shelter food

who in heaven's name  my friend

can criticize our mood


but still they go on saying

it's fear that you must drop

they say to love your neighbour 

appreciate your lot



we can see how you feel 

all alone all alone 

wondering wondering 

just why you were born


we can see how you feel 

on the face of this earth 

living this mystery 

this thing they call birth


*    'happy birthday to you   $

&     we're born in a zoo     !

^   the kids seem to know it   @

#     now we see it too !'     *



how many years

have you wanted it


how many years

you idiot


now is the time

to feel good


who do you want 

to tell you 

you should ?



i once knew a soldier who wished he could cry

i once knew a journalist who wished she could sigh

i once knew a scientist who doubted his eye

i once knew a mother who wished she could die


i once knew a rabbi who wished he knew why

i once knew a painter who painted the sky

i once knew a teacher who wished to get high

i once knew a student who wanted to fly


it's funny how few will take it as is

break everything down and make it a quiz

if the mind doesn't struggle

they think something's wrong

won't open their hearts

won't join in a song


want to keep up with the madness they see

won't step aside in the hpe to be free

if their virtue ain't visible to you and to me

they wish they were dead


oh lord oh lord'y !




the fear of pain is what we flee 

we flee in fright eternally


the pain in fact is oh so sweet 

though who'd believe a trick so neat 

that just below the line of fear 

the angels blow  their trumpets clear


we clutch at love and strangle it 

that's fear again we're in the shit

we tell another what to do

that's fear my friend 

i'm telling you


i say don't work to change a thing 

but try and act from love 

i say don't judge your fellow being 

remember what's above


the fear of pain though natural 

must cease for you to know the all 

that some call god and some call peace 

you drop your fear 


o.k. my boy so i'm up to here

but you've gone so far 

that you're nowhere near 

to seeing the story to seeing the pace 

all you can think of is not losing face


the banks have gone frantic

the governments too

the armies get ready they want to use you

they tell you the danger is everywhere now 

who is the enemy, who can tell ?


it may be your boss or some union chief 

it may be your child or some other creep 

they just could be yellow

they just could be brown

fur hats and boots or maybe a gown


no one will say for certain you see 

'cause what comes up tomorrow 

cannot now be seen 

except for some patterns

except for some facts

the building has fallen

you'll soon hear the smack !



what about the children 

must they do it all again 

live their lives in fancy dreams 

just to find 

that in the end 

all they thought was real 

all they thought was right

was just a lot of imitation

of people they thought bright


is there not another way 

some essentials 

they might grasp 

get ready for a real world 

a new age

that's coming fast !



take me from my prison 

they call 

take me from my prison  

that's all


the bars unbending 

the walls are tall 

fear and violence 

one and all


take me from my prison 

though this food 

is all i know


could this by chance 

be what they mean

by 'reaping what you sow' !


you don't have to pretend to me

you know what's right from wrong



you don't have to pretend

you know all about this song



you don't have to pretend

to love so very much



you don't have to pretend to me

to pretend so very much




i sit with my people

in an ocean of pain 

the sun sometime shines 

but we see mostly rain



we now understand why

people can't see


we now understand why

people can't be


we now understand why

people do kill


we now understand how 

the fear eats the will !


can you love a black man 

can you love a jew 


can you love an alley cat 

can you love me too


can you love the flowers 

can you love the sun 


can you love your enemy 

when he's got you on the run


you must pretend 

that they exist


the fiction's clear


you must pretend that 

someone's there 

and not just 

some hot air



you little girl you've gotten sick 

you've felt the rough end

 of the stick 

the smooth and fitted end i hold

allows the swing to be so bold


  so pick yourself another place 

a place within - no need to race 

to distant lands in hope of cover 

for when you're true

 the stick's like rubber 

that bounces harmlessly again 

you know your place 

you know your man






going out 

like a drop of water 

through the universe


all is shed

and left behind

the trip has started

blind to time


as metamorphose change to bits 

the weakened structure by its wits 

and sends death's energy flying past 

as the one

that seeks 

the last


frightful in its turbulence

beauty in its permanence

terrible conversion

that takes us to the sea



why the panic for god's sake 

you must leave all you cannot take 

a single thing a single thought 

at the end all comes to naught


all the things we leave behind

include our deeds include our mind 

the ego just disintegrates

there's nothing left at heaven's gate


your only job is here and now 

without pretension or a bow

so clean the heart - eliminate 

all the worry violence hate


and leave you ready 

leave you true

to meet your maker 

when you're through


the goats are there



there's germs in the air


it's really for the friends

i write

i might

i could be told sometime

i need to say 

another line 

that could be heard 

from somewhere else 

for those still reaching 

still saying 'ouch' 

convinced within 

their servitude 

that all is hateful

all is crude 

perhaps would like

to hear a voice

that indicates 

there is a choice


 saw a picture

a few days back

it was me at two and a half


a face so true

a face with heart

a face so new

on heaven's chart


i said, that boy 

with so much glee 

that very boy's inside of me


if he could smile 

as he did

it's up to me

to let him live


to keep a lid 

on showmanship

and let that kid relax a bit


saints & martyrs 

where are you

your work ain't finished

you're not yet through


you weren't so wrong 

it could take all 

your life's required 

the order's tall


no longer bend

no longer shake

you'll take it

if the end's

a stake !


i moved from school to the next 

with counterclaims about some text

of each one selling what he's got

he seeks for naught 

he finds he's bought

another package of what seems 

some bits and pieces of a dream


so there it is, another twist

of sense perception in a mist

another picture on a screen


e n o u g h - 

it makes you want to scream


can't we step back 

to firmer ground

and watch the rest

go round and round


to know the difference

when we touch a rock

or just some foaming slush                             



we thought it all had finished

the world had all run out

so many things had crumbled

there hardly was a doubt


it all turned into a dream 

with pieces here and there 

revolving in their circles 

hardly worth a care


but now to our surprise

i confess sometimes delight 

it's not exactly that we're wrong

but neither were we right


it all goes on its merry way 

with force from god knows where 

with people chasing rainbows 

as if they really care


as if it leads to something

to somewhere, sometime soon 

as they pursue their daydreams

reflected in a moon


love is hiding

in disguise

covered up with 

hate despise


if you can take it

and distill

the rubbish

from material

you've done your work

extremely well


you've bought your ticket

out of hell !



Always   waiting

waiting  waiting 


always   waiting

waiting - woh ! 


always  waiting

waiting  waiting 


it  just  hit  me


holy  c o w  !



doctor doctor tell me where

is my heart and Medicare


my headache lungs and lower back

drive me crazy you big quack

aspirin rest and moderation

oh you genius you sensation


i know the truth is simple too

but not so simple me and you


let's disengage let's go our way

trade our wives throw in our pay

take the children from the school

laugh and play and be the fool


but what you say of higher ends

best reach the middle 

from there it bends

the past the future now are one

in iron-lung no songs are sung


not time or space

family nor race


can root a man

in his true place


save love of god

and its embrace



hey little girl

what's bothering you 

all that your father told you is true 

that you must be trained 

and must not rely 

on anyone else for that pie in the sky


but hey don't be bitter

but gee don't be sad

if you do a good job 

later you're glad


all that your father told you is true 

though he by himself 

could not lead you through 

all the paths of the maze 

all the changing milieu 


you'll develop a nose 

to spot what is true





what you tell me

i must do

that i must pay you

for this screw

i tell you something

though you'll scream

i owe you nothing

not a thing

i won't acknowledge any debt

what you give is what you get !



strength, strength 

it's all a dream 

do what you must 

see what's to be seen


your friends on the mountain 

keep changing their view 

the higher they get 

they'll still see you too


sometime it's so lonely 

one seems so apart 

but that's only the dream 

we're all one at the heart


so do what you must 

see what's to be seen 

at the end of the road 

we realise being !
















i am an instrument of the lord 

he talks through me for sure

the message is so simple 

wake up and learn the score


your heads are buried in the sand 

don't know from shit no more 

admit the inner changes 

pretend nothing no more


to those that call you fool 

to those that call you creep 

it's all inconsequential 

'cause they too are asleep

they dream their dreams in darkness 

they think they see you too 

but if their minds are like your own 

which they are for sure 

it's all a very shifty lot 

it's not the same for long 

and what they think of anyone

is as useless as this song


the aim 

is to get you above it

the method 

is to get you through it


they say the world 

is coming to an end

and what are we to do

it might be just a form of speech 

or then again be true


it's hard to think so very clear 

in a world so vast and fast 

especially if we're prone to have 

haemorrhoids up our ass



jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  jerusalem

Jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  is here


jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  my dear


jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  of gold


jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  jerusalem

jerusalem  of old


you cannot do 

for another person 

what he must do 

for himself


it doesn't mean 

at all my friend 

that there's no 

such thing 

as help



big problems 

small problems 

they're all the same

a turn to the left

a blocked 

dead end lane


the pendulums swing 

from the left to the right 

it might take a year 

or it might take a night 

it might take a life time

it may take a sec 

they'll swing and they'll swing

'till there ain't nothing left


big problems small problems 

they're all the same

a turn to the left 

a blocked dead end lane



those that are older 

those that are grey

look like your father 

mother or maid


you'll be the child

do as you should

they'll pat your head

tell you you're good


then you'll await

their mext compliment

give it your all

till your energy spent


those that are older

those that are grey

look like your father 

mother or maid



can you remember when you knew

many things you thought were true 

like red was bad and so was blue 

communist or maybe Jew

black was black 

and white was white

left was left 

and right was right





to some i'm called son

to some i'm called brother

to some i'm called friend

to some i'm called lover


to some i'm called good

to some i'm called bad

to some i'm called happy

to some i'm called sad


to some i'm called saintly

to some i'm called quack

to some i'm called worthy

to some i'm called slack


i am the one

who knows who i am


i know i am no-body

i am that

i am


certain things they want to hear 

and certain things they don't 

if it contradicts the media 

it's hardly worth a note 

machines evolving more than man 

enlisting his support 

indifferent to his human needs 

enticing him with sport 

enticing him with fashion 

enticing him with fads 

telling him that more 


waiting on the left bank 

for a crumb of bread 

waiting on the left bank

for something to be said


waiting on the left bank 

searching for a pin 

waiting on the left bank 

won't get in and swim


it ain't nobody's fault in particular you see 

the madness the insanity

for generations man was taught

to organise his outer lot

ideas big ideas small

to organise or just play ball


the thought that there could maybe be 

a thing or two that we could see 

within the confines of our skin 

the very place that life begins 

was treated like a crazy thought 

as man went scheming plotting plots


so there we have our world today

all packaged up and in decay


and yet that's not the total scene 

within our soul within our being 

eternal forces are at work


deep within you silly jerk !


i am not looking for your pity 

but my energy is dangerously low 

and i should really rest in the sun 

for week or two


my fingers deep

into your muscles 

under your ribs 

the living history 

of your pain and abuse


at least in the act of sex

you take take take 

or give give give 

to take take take


but now with you 

there is nothing to take 

except your agony


and later

your resentment


people trying to help

(others and themselves) 

with head full of ideas

and heart full of 


they build museums to the past 

the future seems so bright

the present is a vagueness 

something like twilight



why are we all so mad at god

like he's on the other side 

resents our inclinations tastes 

accuses us of pride


as if he pulls in one direction 

we in quite another 

then he seems to say :


'My friend, won't you call me brother 

it's just not logical for you and me 

that things appear the same 

you'll have to take my word for it 

your end is in my name