The neglected gift of discomfort

JANUARY 8, 2005

JANUARY 8, 2005




Now you’re  ready to hear it. Now you have no choice. Now, you are so lucky you have no idea!

First of all your suffering is the result, up to now, not of ‘how you have taken things’ but simply the matter of fact that you have taken in so much.
It has all been a random collection of confused and crooked impressions, fed into the world by the total accumulation of distorted men, throughout the ages.
It’s a curse at one level and a potentially immense gift at another. The more ‘shit’ the better fertilizer, nutrition for the seeds of truth deep within your Soul.
Now, take heed of this. 
You come from another ‘world’. 
No doubt you did not start here. Every religion has been telling you that for millennium but the language it is expressed in disintegrates almost as fast as it is expressed. The reports and commentaries, in fact, give little more than a ‘whiff’ of something ‘Other’! They are not enough to ‘change your mind’. 
Look. Your pain of all kinds result from twisted vibrations within your organism, caused, as we said, by the unbalanced and thus corrupted thought patterns and activities of generations of semi-conscious human beings.
The cumulative result these days has reached a ‘nadir’, the maximum possible for human beings to contain. It’s now a case of MADNESS, total, or Truth that ‘you not yet know’. 
But, you can, now, know. That’s what's so absolutely remarkable about this current ‘piece of time’.
What is that Truth?
It’s your cosmic connection. That may sound ‘fancy’, like a fantasy, to some. But, sorry to tell you, it really is a fact, and now, clearly, your only possible ‘escape’.
There we have the ‘gist’ of all religious ‘propaganda’. Nevertheless the issue is as real as real can be. 
So, what can we poor slobs do?
‘God, the Purity, helps those that help others.’
The results of your activities may be barely known to you. Your heart-felt intention, and effort to serve the ‘good’, at every opportunity, raise your vibrational level, closer and closer, to a possible connection with 'Higher Intelligences' that are duty bound to respond to your striving.
Seek someone more advanced than you on this trek and learn and use what they have discovered. Pass it ‘down the line’ and you will receive more from one source or another, recognized or not.
There is a ‘Jacob's Ladder’, there is what to do. But the fumigating ‘shit’ is now so powerful and pushing, that any sincere effort will attract a great cumulative power from ‘below’. Don’t waste your time in concepts from an Age and ‘world’ that has so clearly turned into a twisted Nothing. 
Accept the truth of all of that and it will, in itself, transform energy to the intensity where energy/help can reach you. Simple!
Don’t expect a contact with someone or something in advance of yourself to be necessarily comfortable. It’s almost inevitably bound to be most uncomfortable to your renegade level. The test is Truth, not at all sentimentality.
What feels/seems true to you, grab it like a rope, and hold on for dear life. 
The ‘area’ from which you came is the area to which you will return, hopefully in better shape for the effort.
Believe me, no joke.